What people have been saying about Trout's Notes:

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    Concerning Some Simple Tryptamines (first edition)

    "... what a great work! ... You're clearly a bit of a fanatic, in the best, Sasha-sense of that word. Like him, you're an inveterate cataloger, accumulator and organizer of information, which is just what's called for in this instance. ... When people ask me what is the definitive reference on natural tryptamines, I now know what to tell them. ... a most useful addition to my reference shelf!"
    Dennis McKenna; Neuropsychopharmacologist

    Concerning Some Simple Tryptamines (second edition)

    "..it's incredible. Great work."
    Rick Strassman; MD

    "...a wonderful book ... I would recommend every college library in the nation...add...to their collection...excellent book not only for professionals, but anyone interested in a comprehensive study ...."
    Otto Snow; Chemist & author of "LSD", "LSD & Tryptamine Synthesis", "THC", "Oxy" and other books

    "The book looks great and continues to be a treasurehouse of information."
    Alan Cohn; MD

    Concerning San Pedro:

    "Un valioso aporte para los interesados en este tema."
    Carlos Ostolaza Nana Quepo 2006 XX: 110. (Peruvian Cactus & Succulent Society Journal)

    "...a masterpiece of botanical and scientific work. ... packed with photographs and descriptions of Trichocereus cacti. ..
    ...Like all of Trout's Notes books, every college library should have a copy ...unsurpassed by any other book on the study of Trichocereus. "
    Retired chemist and author Otto Snow

    "I... am quite pleased with its usefulness and the extreme Wealth of information you have made available. I am a botanist (read, grad student trying desperately to finish up my PhD) ... Keep up the good work!"
    Name withheld

    Concerning Trout's Notes in general:

    "What a great job you are doing... I want MORE."
    Dale Pendell; Acclaimed poet & author of Pharmakopoeia, Pharmakodynamis and other works

    "...packed with an eclectic range of ethnobotanical and phytochemical information and references. More than I've seen anywhere else....Sure to be a springboard for further checking and experiencing by any ethno/entheo-botanist who is interested to put some time and energy into studying these plants."
    Mulga; Ethnobotanical researcher

    "Once in a while I stumble across something which just blows me away...Trout's Notes are an impressive collection of notes and summaries of chemical, botanical, pharmacological and ethnobotanical data and abstractions of scientific papers. This isn't just your average regurgitation of what has come before...I can't over-recommend these Notes!"
    Psychedelic Resource List

    "... totally professional, scholarly ... work. They are going over to the reference shelf in my library, and ... will be the place I file bits of information that I happen to uncover. This way...I have a single place to go to get a complete story.
    How can you...get them out to the public which is thirsty for this kind of detail? They would sell like hotcakes if they were known to be available."
    Sasha Shulgin; Chemist, psychopharmacologist & independent legal drug designer

    "You are doing a great job, as thorough as can be...your work is appreciated by those of us who are real information junkies...very few people have use for so much information...most people are overwhelmed by the pap purveyed by the mass media."
    Jonathan Ott; Independent natural products researcher & prolific ethnobotanical author

    "You are doing fantastic work."
    Daniel Siebert; Entheogenic research & author.

    "You are the bomb."
    Thomas Lyttle; Entheogenic researcher & author

    Concerning Sacred Cacti

    "The book is the one I have been waiting for...Your research, experience and compilation seems, to me, very complete. You obviously have a great love for these allies."
    Leo Mercado; President of The Peyote Foundation (concerning Sacred Cacti's First Edition)

    "Definitive book on mescaline and its plant sources ... Much unique material."
    Bob Wallace; Entheogen expert and book purveyor
    Bob Wallace Review 2002 (concerning the Second Edition)

    "Thanks for the huge, complete and amazing "Sacred Cacti" second edition. Its much more than I expected to receive. You [haven't] left anything out, I'm overwhelmed with this enormous work! Congradulations, you've done an excellent work! Although I don't agree with you in your closed defence to drug use, I respect your viewpoint...""
    Carlos Ostolaza; Founder & president Peruvian cactus & succulent society
    Correspondence 3 July 2000

    Quepo called Sacred Cacti 2nd edition "...a reading must for those who want to be well informed."
    2000 XIV: 110. (Peruvian Cactus & Succulent Society Journal)

    Concerning the first edition of Ayahuasca alkaloids and analogs:

    "...truly impressive"
    Johnny Appleseed; Independent plant researcher

    Now available online in an unabridged second edition retitled
    "Ayahuasca: alkaloids, plants & analogs."

    Concerning our reference work Cactus Alkaloids: By Species

    "...very useful and up to-date..."
    Carlos Ostolaza; Founder & president Peruvian cactus & succulent society

    "As always, thorough, well done, and filled with treasures..."
    Sasha Shulgin; Chemist, psychopharmacologist & independent legal drug designer