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    A few words that might be helpful

    Auricles - Swellings or appendages at the base.

    Clonic convulsions - A sudden involuntary series of contractions of groups of muscles; characterized by a rhythmic alternation of contraction and relaxation.

    Decumbent- Prostrate or nearly so, with the tips growing upwards.

    Glabrous - Without hairs.

    Hyperpnea - Excessively deep or rapid breathing.

    Peduncles - The short stem bearing the fruit.

    Pentandrous - 5 stamens. (This word was not used in this text but will be encountered in our references and only a few dictionaries.)

    Ptyalism- Excessive salivation.

    Sessile- Lacking a stalk.

    Setiform - Bristle-like.

    Stipules - The basal appendage of a petiole.

    Tonic convulsions - A prolonged contraction of the skeletal muscles.

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