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Desmanthus leptolobus TORREY & A.GRAY


        The 'flowers' actually are comprised of a cluster of smaller flowers.
        If the reader needs sharper eyes, a magnifier or jeweler's loup can help.
    Carefully pry apart the individual flowers within one of the small bundles of flowers.
        The gentle assistance of a toothpick can help.
        Look for 5 stamens per individual flower.
        This is the number possessed by both leptolobus and illinoensis while other domestic US species have 10 stamens per flower.
        Due to this we would suggest that other species with 5 stamens be targeted for assay.
        Researchers in Mexico have a number of unevaluated species of Desmanthus in their backyard, a few of which also have 5 stamens.


    leptolobus flower                                                    illinoensis flower

Photos © by Trout

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