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    References & suggested reading:

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    Appleseed, Johnny 1992-1996 Largely unpublished research. Desmanthus leptolobus information has appeared, among other places, in the 1993a Entheogen Review 2 (2): 26-27, "Ayahuasca analogues experiences." and in 1993b Integration 4: 59-62, "Ayahuasca analog plant complexes of the temperate zone: Phalaris arundinacea and the Desmanthus spec."
    The latter piece also exists as an undated privately distributed manuscript.
    [Extraction: simmering with hot HCl (pH 3), ammonia used to basify, CH2Cl2 recovered the alkaloid fraction. Co-tlc used known reference standards. TLC developed with Methylene chloride-Methanol-Concentrated Ammonia (80:15:1); run on Whatman Silica Gel 60 plates. Visualization of alkaloids: used Ehrlichs and/or Xanthydrol as spray reagents.]

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        A curious point concerning Thompsonís title is that the compounds they stated had been evaluated for growth inhibition, and those that were determined to possess this property, did not include ANY indolealkylamines.

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