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Desmanthus leptolobus TORREY & A.GRAY


        If pods are present, both Desmanthus leptolobus and D. illinoensis are extremely easy to identify.

        Desmanthus illinoensis has dense clusters of fairly short flat curving pods. (They have the shortest & broadest pods of the genus.)
        The pods form a wavy split on one side only; to release their seeds.

        Desmanthus leptolobus has longer pods that are fewer in number and are present in loose groups as separate linear fruit. (The pods are the longest & narrowest of the genus.)
        They are reddish brown in color, eventually black, with noticeable constrictions between the seeds.
        They initially split on one side only to release their seeds.
        In doing so, short splits form on the fruit by each seed before the pods totally dehisce.


leptolobus green fruit                                                    illinoensis green fruit

                            B&W green fruit photos © by Logan Boskey and are reproduced with permission


leptolobus fruit                                                    illinoensis fruit


leptolobus fruit                                                    illinoensis fruit

All other photos © by Trout

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